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Month: December 2014

PTO Meeting: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PTO Meeting: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December PTO Meeting

Please join us for the Parker Woods Montessori

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting

Wednesday December 17th, 2014, 6-7pm, Media Center

Child Watch (3 and up) and Pizza Provided

We will be meeting after Parent-Teacher Conferences so stop in!

This Month’s Topics:

  • Welcome and quick overview of new meeting management
  • Budget vote
  • President confirmation vote
  • New business / suggestions (5 mins)
  • Principal’s report (10 mins)
  • Committee reports (5 min each)
    • Fundraising
    • Parent Academic
    • Green and Healthy
    • Communications
  • Community Forum review (5 mins)
  • Upcoming events and volunteer opportunities (5 mins)
    • Science Night, Grandparent’s Night / Specials Showcase
  • Teacher funding requests (5 mins)


The World of Art at Parker Woods Montessori

The World of Art at Parker Woods Montessori

This fall has been an exciting one for Ms. Suzanne Nall’s Parker Woods Montessori art classes! Students have been exploring a variety of media, cultures, and history while fulfilling their Ohio Visual Arts Standards requirements. They have also been given the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in two unique, local displays.

Ms. Nall welcomed student teacher, Mrs. Suzanne Surface, from Mount St. Joseph University in October to learn from her classroom before graduating this December. Mrs. Surface has been involved in classroom management, lesson planning, and assessment in every one of Ms. Nall’s classes. It has been a valuable and constructive experience for both art educators.

Students in the Kindergarten and 9-12 age grades have created artwork in 3-dimensions. Kindergartners studied the folk art of Oaxaca, Mexico, which includes colorful, patterned wooden animals. Then, they imagined and created their own animals by painting driftwood with acrylic paint. In some of the 9-12 classes, students examined the artwork of ancient Egyptians before forming, painting, and embellishing their own plaster Pharaoh masks. Working with 3-dimensions broadens the students’ skill set by requiring them to find solutions to spatial problems.

Mrs. Surface led the 6-9 students in constructing self-portrait collages using paper, felt, and crayons. The lesson began with a description of the life and self-portraiture of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. This lesson introduced the students to the correct proportions of facial features and offered them the experience of creating a multi-media artwork.


In late November, Mrs. Surface accompanied Mrs. Ganance’s 9-12 age class to the Taft Museum of Art. A pre-field trip lesson introduced the students to the museum with a discussion about the history of the Taft and some of the artwork displayed in the museum. During the field trip, the students were able to compare their first impressions of the artwork from the classroom to the experience of being surrounded by the history and beauty of the artwork in real life!


Students in all 9-12 classrooms are brushing up on their skills, by utilizing different drawing techniques to create the illusion of depth on a flat piece of paper.

Two community displays of student artwork have taken place since the beginning of the school year. In October, Ms. Nall received permission from the owner of Northside’s Spun bicycle shop to put a wheat-paste, student-drawn monster mural on the building at the corner of Moline and Hamilton.  The “Monsters on Wheels” mural was up during the month of October.  There are plans in the works to make this wall a seasonal rotating display of Parker Woods’ art.


Currently, Cincinnati Public School’s Central Office is exhibiting a sea creature themed painting project. Community response from these shows has been positively outstanding!



Parker Woods Montessori needs your school supplies donations!

Parker Woods Montessori needs your school supplies donations!

Do you have school supplies you would like to donate to your room teacher, specials, or to the school? It is easy!

The PTO has created a list of the most needed supplies. This list gets updated monthly. If you have already purchased supplies and want to donate them, please check them off the list and bring them to school. If you want to find out what is most needed, you can check the list to see.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to

2. See the list of supplies. Sign up for your donation. Write a comment showing who receives the donation. Give it to that specific room. If it is a general donation, give it to the PTO or send a message to the contact listed on the page.

3. Watch for updates. This list changes as teachers provide updates about the items needed most in their classrooms.

Thank you!