How far is a mile?

How far is a mile?

One mile is 5,280 feet

That would be:

20 laps around the gym.
17 laps around the preschool playground
10 laps around the big playground
5 laps around the back field
4 laps around the school
About 2,500 steps

Here are a few other places to find a mile:

1 Mile walks

Hoffner Park: Three times around the loop path or twice around the sidewalk perimeter
Jergen’s Park: 10 loops around the inside path equals 1 mile.
Purple People Bridge: From one end of the Purple People Bridge to the other and back again.
Zoo: Make one big loop inside the zoo plus a small loop around Swan Lake

1/2 Mile Walks

Parker Woods Montessori: From the front door down Langland across to Beech Hill right on Pullan right on Langland back to Parker Woods
Parker Woods Montessori: From the front door go across the parking lot to the stairs to the woods, go down the stairs and follow the trail until you get to the concrete path, turn right and go up the path, at the top turn right across the grass to return to the school.

Want more of a challenge?

The Mill Creek Greenway Trail is a nice paved (wheel chair accessible) path. It measures 1.25 miles from one end to the other.
Winton Woods: The Harbor Trail is a 1.7 mile loop that is paved and wheelchair accessible
Spring Grove Cemetery has a well marked 3.1 mile (5k) route.

Want to try something different? These exercises are equal to one mile!

8 minutes of Jump Rope
8 minutes of Jumping Jacks
12 minutes of Basketball
12 minutes of Swimming
12 minutes of Soccer
14 minutes of Bicycling
15 minutes of Football
15 minutes of Rowing
15 minutes of Dancing
20 minutes of Aerobics
22 minutes of Yoga
40 minutes of Gardening


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