Second Annual Spring Fundraiser

Second Annual Spring Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

We started the year off with the Walkathon Fundraiser, which has provided essential funding for field trips and programs, which are complementing classroom studies and providing our children with wonderful opportunities to experience and explore new places and ideas.

Now, Parker Woods Montessori PTO is excited to kick off our Second Annual Spring Fundraiser during the weeks of April 27th-May 1st to support our Specials classes: Art, Music, and Gym and create a fund for Montessori materials.  Our goal is to raise $2,000. With just $5 per student, we can reach our goal!!

Did you know that the school district provides almost no funding for art, music, or gym materials or supplies?  Our fundraising goal for the Special’s program is $1,600.  That amount would allow our art teacher, Ms. Nall, to purchase paints, drawing paper and notebooks, markers, fabrics, wood, and various adhesives.  These resources would allow our children to explore a wide variety of art forms, materials, and techniques and some student artists could even participate with Ms. Nall in Northside Art Shows.  Our music teacher, Ms. Thomas, could buy 8 new music programs with instructional music books and interactive CDs.  And our Gym teacher, Ms. Austin, could buy new tennis rackets and replace other damaged equipment.

In our children’s regular classrooms, it can be very expensive to purchase or replace Montessori materials.  Our goal is to create a fund, starting with $400 this year, to provide resources for teachers who need to replace or purchase new Montessori materials.

We suggest donations of $5-$10, but every little bit helps! Here are the details:

Submitting Donations:  You may submit donations three ways:

  • Online:  Donate tab on Parker Woods PTO website:  (right side)

  • Cash

  • Personal Check or Money Order made out to Parker Woods Montessori Foundation.

*Due to regulations, cash, checks, and Money Orders CANNOT be sent in with students nor be handled by teachers or staff.  The PTO will have volunteers accepting donations (directly from the hands of parents) at drop off and pick up from April 27th-May 1st.  There will be prizes!

All donations are tax deductible.  You can find receipt forms in the main office.


Parker Woods Parent-Teacher-Organization

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