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Month: August 2015

New School Year Updates

New School Year Updates

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share what we discussed at our informal gathering last Thursday. Here are a few of the main topics we chatted about.


Several people raised questions as to why we do so many fundraising efforts each year and where the money goes. We discussed how our school has to spread its budget further than other schools due to the number of education professionals (teachers and assistant teachers) in the building, so we parents work to make up the difference for supplies and enrichment activities. It was clear that this information needs to be the focus as we go forward raising money for this year. I made sure I discussed this point with all the families who spoke with us on Saturday at orientation.

Music programs

There have been many parents expressing confusion about how and when the band program is operated at Parker Woods. We agreed we should look into the logistics of the program to share with all parents.
We discussed reaching out to the community for an instrument drive.
We also decided to ask Ms.Thomas about a recorder program for the music special.

Chairs and board members

At this time we are looking for an apprentice Treasury, Vice President, Fundraising chair, Green and Healthy co-chair and other support volunteers for the 2015-2016 school year.

Northside Learns resource manual

The Northside Community Council Education Committee helped create a community resource manual for all three elementary schools in Northside. This manual will help each school identify tutors, education partners, volunteers and sponsors for the upcoming school year. We will use some of this information to update the PTO Parent Resource Guide for this year.

Ways to open up to new members

We brainstormed on ways to make our PTO more appealing and easier to plug into for new members. We discussed breaking up the seating for meetings in different ways (by age groups, by committees, etc), having name tags, offering quarterly raffles/door prizes, and having parent info sessions during movie nights.

Finally we reviewed the bylaws and discussed pros and cons to updating our bylaws and PTO structure.

I also wanted to share that Missy Maxfield and I had some great responses during the New Family Orientation on Saturday! We will be reaching out this week to all of the families who signed up, and I am confident we will be seeing some fresh faces getting involved in our efforts this year!

Thank you for all you all do to make our school the best it can be!

Angie Asselin
PWM PTO Co-President

Volunteer Thank-You for Caring for the Koster Montessori Teaching Garden

Volunteer Thank-You for Caring for the Koster Montessori Teaching Garden

The Green & Healthy Committee would like to thank the following PTO and community members who took on a week or more of watering, weeding and harvesting in the Koster Montessori Teaching Garden over the summer:

Nuria Lopez
Michelle Markert
Jenifer Jackson
Judy Ganance
Brian Jackson
Michele Kinkele
Anna Taylor
Rian Keller
and Bill Berger who committed to watering all of the new trees.

Without your care the garden could not have succeeded. Thanks!

School Supply Lists

School Supply Lists

Ages 3-6 Preschool

Download (PDF, 60KB)

Mr. Cory Held

Download (PDF, 135KB)

Ms. Alex Naim

Download (PDF, 87KB)

Ms. Anna Rehrer

Download (PDF, 97KB)

Ms. Guetle

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Ms. Heather Bailey

Download (PDF, 21KB)

Ms. Jessica Irwin

Download (PDF, 205KB)

Ms. Judy Ganance

Download (PDF, 209KB)

Ms. Linda Biehle

Download (PDF, 57KB)

Ms. Linda Bockstiegel

Download (PDF, 200KB)

Ms. Megan McGraw and Ms. Amanda Hendricks

Download (PDF, 67KB)

Ms. Penny Greenler

Download (PDF, 1.64MB)

Ms. Susan Best

Download (PDF, 63KB)

Ms. Suzanne Nall

Download (PDF, 20KB)

Ms. TeSheia Thomas and Ms. Tamara Casey

Download (PDF, 116KB)

Ms. Tonya Enderle

Download (PDF, 81KB)