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Month: June 2016

Summer Garden Care

Summer Garden Care

Please help support the growing (and overgrowing !) of the Koster Learning Garden at Parker Woods Montessori.

We need a person to water each week, and a back up person in case volunteer #1 needs assistance.

We recommend you sign up for two weeks: one as main watering volunteer, and one as back up.

Watering may involve a commitment of one hour or two – three times a week, depending on the weather. A sprinkler will be available so that volunteers may multi-task (read, play, weed, walk, etc).

Judy will contact you with the combo number for the lock to the shed, and give you directions for turning on the water valve.

Here is the sign up link:

If you prefer NOT to log into Sign Up Genius, please email Judy Ganance and she will gladly sign you up:

We need volunteers starting Monday, June 13th, so we need help immediately 🙂