Northside Soccer Coaches Meeting

Northside Soccer Coaches Meeting

Calling all PWM parents. Registration for the fall youth soccer season will begin this summer in July. Northside Soccer would like to invite all parents interested in coaching a team this fall to join us for a coaches meeting at 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 15 at Happen in Northside.

Every soccer team needs a coach. And every parent is welcome to coach. Every team can and should have more than one person coaching. Every team needs 2 adult coaches and up to 3 coaches can be on the sidelines during a game.

If your child has been playing soccer on a Northside team, and you’ve been watching from the spectator’s side of the field, Northside Soccer is inviting you to switch sides this season and support your child’s team as a coach or coach’s assistant. Lot’s of soccer experience/skill is not needed or expected.

We want to start the fall season strong. Having a full compliment of coaches will help Northside Soccer recruit early and give assurance to every child who wants to play that Northside Soccer will have a team for them.

At the coaches meeting we will discuss what coaching for Northside/SAY soccer involves. Primarily, coaches organize and run weekly practices, attend all the team soccer games, participate in one preseason coaches training and complete concussion certification, and make sure that the kids have a fun and safe time. We’ll also decide how many teams we can support for the upcoming fall season. We can also discuss how to coach a team with little to no previous soccer experience if that is needed. No commitment is required to attend the meeting, but we will ask during the meeting if you are willing to coach a team.

Please send a message to to let us know you are interested.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for supporting Northside Soccer.

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