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Make a Difference for the Students of Parker Woods Montessori

Make a Difference for the Students of Parker Woods Montessori

The staff at Parker Woods Montessori works in collaboration with parents, guardians, and community stakeholders to provide educational and social-emotional services that foster a school of excellence in meeting or exceeding district standards for our students from various zip codes throughout the city of Cincinnati.

Our extracurricular programs are limited at this time, but they were designed or adopted to meet the needs of our student population. Our goal is to increase the number of extracurricular programs within the school, as well as establishing neighborhood satellite extracurricular programs, so our students can share the same rich experiences that will promote confidence; self-esteem; creativity; ownership; respect of differences, relationship building; team work; communication and the power to make a difference.

As a new Community Learning Center, our goal is to serve as a hub for the various communities we serve by providing a system of integrated partnerships working collaboratively with students, families, community stakeholders, schools of higher education, local businesses, corporations, churches, civic groups, health organizations and social services in order to further promote academic excellence by offering recreational, educational, social, health, civic and cultural opportunities for students, families and communities.

We encourage you to consider being a member of the Parker Woods Montessori Family by supporting our mission to develop each child for life!

Please visit our Signup Genius page to learn more about opportunities to donate and volunteer your time to our school!

Summer Garden Care

Summer Garden Care

Please help support the growing (and overgrowing !) of the Koster Learning Garden at Parker Woods Montessori.

We need a person to water each week, and a back up person in case volunteer #1 needs assistance.

We recommend you sign up for two weeks: one as main watering volunteer, and one as back up.

Watering may involve a commitment of one hour or two – three times a week, depending on the weather. A sprinkler will be available so that volunteers may multi-task (read, play, weed, walk, etc).

Judy will contact you with the combo number for the lock to the shed, and give you directions for turning on the water valve.

Here is the sign up link:

If you prefer NOT to log into Sign Up Genius, please email Judy Ganance and she will gladly sign you up:

We need volunteers starting Monday, June 13th, so we need help immediately ūüôā

Security Badges for Volunteers

Security Badges for Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis, you should get a security badge.  In order to receive a volunteer badge you must complete the following steps:

  1. Take your photo I.D. to the Hamilton County Justice Center (513-946-6220) located at 1000 Sycamore Rm. #100, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (open Monday-Friday 7:30AM-3:00PM). You will need to obtain a Hamilton County background check.  The cost of the background check printout is $5.00 cash.  The background check will be printed and given to you immediately.  You do not need fingerprints.
  2. Come to the Parker Woods Montessori office with your local background check and ask for an Administrator Authorization Approval form.
  3. Take these two forms to the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education located at 2651 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219.  Volunteer badges are only issued on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  You will receive your badge before you leave!


Fall Festival Volunteers and Food Donations Needed

Fall Festival Volunteers and Food Donations Needed

Hello Parker Woods Montessori Families!

We need volunteers for all shifts at the Fall Festival being held on Friday, October 9, 2015. The festival runs from 4:30 – 7:30 PM, but we need volunteers starting at 4 PM and ending at 8 PM. 1 hour or 2 hour shifts are available. Please follow this link to sign up (note in the comment section if you can only sign up for an hour):

We also need baked good and side item donations. Baked goods can be bought or made. Side items can be salads, raw veggies and dip, mac and cheese, etc. and can also be bought or made. Please follow this link to sign up to donate food:

We all need to work together to make this a great Fall Festival for the kids! Not only will the event be fun for the kids, it also enriches their classrooms!

Spread some joy around!

Parker Woods Montessori needs your school supplies donations!

Parker Woods Montessori needs your school supplies donations!

Do you have school supplies you would like to donate to your room teacher, specials, or to the school? It is easy!

The PTO has created a list of the most needed supplies. This list gets updated monthly. If you have already purchased supplies and want to donate them, please check them off the list and bring them to school. If you want to find out what is most needed, you can check the list to see.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to

2. See the list of supplies. Sign up for your donation. Write a comment showing who receives the donation. Give it to that specific room. If it is a general donation, give it to the PTO or send a message to the contact listed on the page.

3. Watch for updates. This list changes as teachers provide updates about the items needed most in their classrooms.

Thank you!

Literacy Network Volunteer Training

Literacy Network Volunteer Training

Still need to get your CPS Security Badge?

So you can become a room parent, volunteer in your child’s classroom, tutor, and/or be a chaperone on field trips?

Here’s an EASY WAY!

  1. Go to (Literacy Network)

  2. Click on ‚ÄúBecome a Volunteer‚ÄĚ

  3. Sign up for a brief one-time training (Trainings are 1st Tuesday of every month, 4:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.)

  4. Attend Training

  5. Literacy Network will handle all paperwork, fees, and logistics for getting background checks and security badges.

  6. You are set to go!


When:  Next Training date is Tuesday, November 4th (4:30-7).  Sign up now!

Where:  Literacy Network of Cincinnati is located at 650 Gest Street

Cincinnati, OH 45203 (Downtown Cincinnati, about 12 minutes from Parker Woods).  

Questions:  Call Literacy Network at 513-621-READ or contact PWM PTO at

Walkathon Meeting this Wednesday from 6-7 PM in Media Center or PTO Room

Walkathon Meeting this Wednesday from 6-7 PM in Media Center or PTO Room

The Walkathon/Fall Festival Committee needs your help as soon as possible.  A meeting will be held this Wednesday, from 6 Р7 PM in the Media Center or the PTO Room (TBD).  
We need volunteers for these activities:
Collecting money through the week leading up to the Walkathon. (during the drop-off in the circle and after school in the pick-up circle)
Walking with classrooms (must have a volunteer badge).
Fall Festival needs:
Set up from 3-4
Volunteers to run games (in shifts).  It lasts from 4-7, Shifts will be 1 hour long so you can enjoy the rest of the festival with your child.
Volunteers to sell tickets for split-the-pot, and bouncy houses.
Volunteers to run supervise the bouncy houses.
Volunteers to make and/or bring:
crock pots of chili or some other soup (hopefully some vegetarian choices)
crock pots of macaroni and cheese
sour cream/shredded cheese/crackers
tortilla chips and soft shells for walking tacos
drinks – water, soda
cups, plates, napkins and tablecloths
Please¬†email¬†with how you would like to help OR be at the meeting this Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from¬†6-7 PM!¬† We need help to make this happen and it is the biggest money maker we have.¬† This directly affects your child!¬† Let’s make it great!
Thank you for all you do!
PWM PTO Communications Committee
What we need help with

What we need help with

  • PTO Committee members for: Communications, Fundraising, Green & Healthy, Parent Academic, Science Night, End of School Year Blast.
  • Tutoring: Parker Woods Montessori is looking for tutors. Click here for more information.
  • More Opportunities: Click the¬†“How Can I Help?” link in the menu bar at the top of this page for a list of additional ways you can help.