The Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) is the primary governing body for Parker Woods Montessori.

This committee gives insight and input into important decisions that greatly affect students’ lives and shape their educational experiences.

Parker Woods Montessori LSDMC Members

  • Whitney Simmons, Staff (Principal)
  • Connie Ferguson, Staff
  • Open Position, Staff
  • Jordan Kilgore, Parent 
  • Takela Sager, Parent
  • Rick Wolf, Parent
  • Alexis Thomer, Teacher
  • Erica Mulvey, Teacher
  • Open Position, Teacher
  • Bill Berger, Community
  • Sue Wilke, Community
  • Valda Freeman-Karmo, Community
  • Noah Berry, Partner in Education (Enerfab)

LSDMC Meeting Agenda and Minutes

LSDMC Responsibilities

  1. Secure membership of parents, community members, teaching and non-teaching staff, students, and Partner-in-Education and submit roster to CPS by September 10.
  2. Approve by-laws for the LSDMC to be submitted to CPS by Monday, November 3, 2014.
  3. Support the school’s transformation to a Community Learning Center. LSDMC recommends the lead agency, resource coordination, afterschool, health, mental health and other support services.
  4. Assess the needs of your school by reviewing the State Report Card.
  5. Develop a vision and mission statement for your school.
  6. Set goals for the school consistent with the district strategic plan and based upon your needs assessment of your school to become part of the OnePlan.
  7. Develop plan to implement goals and measure progress.
  8. Monitor ongoing progress including academic performance through reports from principal and staff.
  9. Complete progress report on goals at mid-year and end of school year.
  10. Submit to annual evaluation and rating of the LSDMC’s performance as a group
  11. Approve the school budget and seek additional resources as needed.
  12. Review the overall school team plans and concur with the school community’s request for exemption from the prevailing team organization.
  13. Approve any proposed school day schedule changes.
  14. Approve any locally initiated change in school program or focus, e.g. neighborhood to magnet, new curriculum, and uniforms.
  15. Participate in the principal selection process.
  16. Make recommendations to the principal on other issues.
  17. Act on requests from groups and committees in the school community and report back to constituent groups.
  18. Participate in district-sponsored LSDMC training


Board policy governs LSDMC membership and gives proportional representation to all stakeholder groups.

Membership is comprised of four major constituencies, with a minimum of 12 members. The number of core members may increase but should remain proportional. Members are asked to serve two-year terms.

LSDMC membership groups:

  • Three parents selected by the parent group
  • Three community members
  • Three teachers selected by the Instructional Learning Committee (ILC)
  • Three non-teaching staff including the principal, with the other two selected by their representative groups

Optional members may include a student or a representative of a Partner in Education.


At least one annual meeting is required to review the purpose of the LSDMC and the school’s OnePlan. However, it is recommended that the LSDMC meet monthly during the school year. All meetings are held at the school and are open to the public.

Each LSDMC should elect officers, including a chairperson and recorder. It is recommended that Robert’s Rules of Order be used to conduct business during the meetings. A quorum of the group membership is required for decisions.

Training & Support

Training is provided to LSDMC members to help them with their duties. In addition, a LSDMC Manual gives information on the committee and how it functions, as well as detailed data about the needs assessment process.

Districtwide LSDMC meetings are held quarterly each school year to provide information about recent district initiatives.

More Information

Visit the Cincinnati Public Schools website for more information about the mission and purpose of the LSDMC.