Green & Healthy

Green & Healthy

Come grow with us in the Koster Montessori Teaching Garden — there’s plenty to learn and do! Our committee kicked off the summer growing season by building a tool shed. Doesn’t sound too exciting perhaps but it truly was because it allowed us to get set for a great summer of growing and helped support…

Thirteen raised vegetable beds.

Lettuces, cabbage, kale. Some peppers, squash and strawberries. Every week saw a harvest, which was donated to the food pantry at CAIN (Churches Active in Northside). Some weeks the harvest was large, some weeks not, but CAIN was very appreciative of anything we dropped off. It was certainly a gratifying endeavor for parents and kids alike. Fall growing plants will be sown in September.

The sun dial flower garden

Butterfly eggs were found, caterpillars abound and we released our first monarch of the season.
Volunteers worked over the summer to weed and water; now a design and plan is in place for the next phase. It is quickly becoming a butterfly habitat and more butterflies will be released this fall. What an exciting activity for the students!

AND there’s great art in the garden as well. Ms. Nall’s Art Club has painted colorful planter pots and number tiles that add to the natural beauty.

Finally, ten new trees, graciously donated by Taking Root, were planted in the lawns and rain gardens around the school.

Let us know if you’d like to be a part of the exciting Green & Healthy efforts. Contact